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This page displays recent UFO Sightings and Information.

*************NEWS CONTAINED ON THIS PAGE***********


**UFO Photographed in Auckland**

**UFOCUS Future Perspectives Conference**





23 June 2006 06:50 pm.
Reported sighting of triangular pattern of orbs in the South Auckland area - If anyone witnessed similar please fill out a report form on this site.


Sunday July 16th 2006


The Sunday News dated Sunday, July 16 2006 showed photos of an unidentified object seen in the skies in Auckland Viaduct Basin.


The object was apparently photographed in October 2005 and shows a metallic object which flew about the Industrial Tank Farm in the area.

The photo was taken by photographer Richard Simpson who was completing work on a magazine feature.

He stated "it was travelling extremely fast".


The article containing a photo of the UFO can be seen at the following link.,2106,3733432a15620,00.html




UFOCUS Future Perspectives Conference will be held in Rotorua, New Zealand on September 20th & 30th 2007


It will feature speakers such as


 Dr Roger Lier (US), podiatric surgeon and Author of "Alien Impalnts - the Final Scientific Word"


Dr Nick Begich ( Alaska) environmentalist, author of " Technology in the 21st Century' and " Controlling the Human Mind - A brave New World - or Enhancing Human Performance".


Bill Chalker (Australia), industrail chemist and author of 'Alien Odyssey - The Alien DNA Paradigm & other UFO impacts"


Mary Rodwell (Australia), registered nurse, author of " Awakening to Our Multi-dimensional Reality".


Suzanne Hansen (NZ), former teacher and Grief counselor, "The CE-5 - Corroborative Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact.


Dianne Frola (Australia) "Hard Evidence' magazine editor " The Global Threat of Depleted Uranium Pollution".

Dr Robert Anderson (NZ) scientist, author " The Looming Peak Oil Crisis"


Graeme Opie (NZ) Senior Air Traffic Controler, conference facilitator "Stand-out New Zealand UFO sightings"


Also speaker on Ancient Maori Cosmology.


This Conference is well worth attending to enquire about your booking contact

Suzanne Hansen


To register.

Please mention you saw the conference advertised on this site.