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On the 25th of June 2008 at 10:45 pm my son-in-law and I were heading down Folkstone drive to enter Wilson Road which leads up to Omahu Rd (the main road into Hastings from the Flaxmere area.

As we neared the end of Folkstone Drive I noticed some lights which I though were reflections from my son in-laws dash board through the windscreen.

We entered Wilson Road turning left to hear to Omahu Rd and the lights I noted paralleled us on the right hand side. There were 3 rectangular lights in a row and it seemed peculiar to me.

I watched as the lights gained speed as they parallelled us across the adjacent paddocks above the tree line.

I could now make out with the city lights behind it a dark object shaped like a round Cake tin with what appeared to be rectangular windows around the middle emitting a yellowish light.

It then gained speed and crossed the road in front of us at a height of about 100 feet and slowed.

This was at 10:48 pm.

It was now in the paddocks on the left of us which were hidden by a row of trees.

My son In-law offered to stop at the first gap and when we did there was the object hovering over what looked like a pole in the dark.

By now 4 rectangular windows were visible as well as the dark body of the object.

I opened the car window and no sound was heard.

For a moment it looked like it would move towards the car, then it suddenly changed direction and moved off back the way we had come towards Flaxmere in a gentle, slow paced descending arc as if to land.

We had moved off by tis time and I lost sight of the object among the orchard trees that are there.

When we reached home my Son in-law and I both made notes on the encounter separately and did not discuss it on the way home.

I notice in my notes I said it I got the impression of a party lamp.

It was about the size of a large tractor tyre.

During the encounter I got the impression of a remote control toy.


My Son In-laws statement follows with his drawing:

At 10.48 pm 25th June 2008. In Wilson Road Flaxmere I saw a UFO which was round shape. It had orange coloured lights with a yellow tinge. The Object had 3 lights. It was slowly flying at first, above a paddock in Wilson Road, and then it flew across the road. then it looked like it was hovering there when I stopped to have a look. It seemed to hover there for a few seconds then it took off again.

It looked like it was coming in to land in Flaxmere.



The next day – the 26th I checked with the local Airfield (Bridge Pa) to see if there was anything in the air at that time – they said there was nothing the last aircraft landed at 7 p.m. on that night.

I checked with Skyline who also monitor air traffic in the area and they confirmed there were No helicopters, or other aircraft up at that time.

Having done that I checked with Police who said they had no reports of strange lights in the sky and finally with the Hastings Information Centre to see if any Light Displays were happening at the time, to eliminate that as well. They confirmed there was nothing on at the time.

Conditions at the time were very cloudy and there was an average wind speed of 9.5 kph taken from my own weather station at Flaxmere coming from a westerly direction.  So this thing was moving diagonally to the wind then as it crossed the road into the wind.

I photographed the area in daylight and the Paddock where the object hovered has hazard warnings on the gate, what exactly they do there I am uncertain of, but presume it is some kind of experimental spraying or something similar.

All through the sighting our car was the only one on the road and it seemed to show interest in it.

I am totally at a loss to explain this object and will note it in the files as an Unknown at this stage.


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What do they do here and why was a UFO Interested.

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